The first is that you need to copy and paste the specific URL for the video or channel that you’re trying to download. You will only get the chance to create the custom URL for YouTube channel if you can meet the requirements (Mentioned above). Shorten, create and share trusted, powerful links for your business. If you found our YouTube name generator and read to this point, you probably want to launch your YouTube channel soon. You will need your Google account details to log in. My URL looks totally different… what gives? To find your channel’s URL: Sign in to YouTube Studio. The URL isn't case-sensitive i.e. Google keeps changing things up and hiding things in different places… just the other day they removed being able to crop your Google+ page banner. Our YouTube channel naming tips below will make it much easier to do that. YouTube channels are never stuck with their URLs permanently. Through this, you can simply find your YouTube Channel URL and share with your admirers to subscribe for them to keep up to date with your videos. These are the settings. According to YouTube, to have a custom url for your channel, it needs to (1) have at least 100 subscribers, (2) be at least 30 days old, (3) have an uploaded photo as channel icon, (4) have uploaded channel art. Click on “YouTube settings” Go to your “Advanced” account settings; Now click on claim it “here” Select the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Service,” then click Change URL. But when we start a channel then we don’t know that where we’ll go. Once your URL has … Go to youtube homepage on any browser (chrome, brave,mozilla or safari) - make sure your are logged into your google account. how to get all youtube urls with firefox addon? On YouTube Channel, Custom URL is an identity of our channel. At the top, there will be a link. Maybe today! That’s all after doing this you will have a custom URL name to your YouTube channel. is only for YouTube movie URL , cannot shorten other URLs. The link by redirect to YouTube, so you can clarify that shortening URL link is not any advertising or illegal link. The URL shortner will be used whenever some authoshares a YouTube video via liking it, or any similar action. This is exactly you don’t want if you want to make your channel popular. After log in, if you click on the My Channel link (left portion), you’ll see your default channel URL in the URL bar. YouTube URL Shortener - Share Short URLs in Minutes. You can find them in the “Get a custom URL” box. Een gepersonaliseerde URL voor je kanaal instellen Als je in aanmerking komt voor een gepersonaliseerde URL, krijg je een melding via e-mail, in de instellingen voor je basisinformatie en misschien ook in je kanaaldashboard. Wait! So, go ahead and grab the opportunity to get more attention from the … if we have a good custom URL which matches to our Channel name then our channel looks professional and we can get channel subscribers easily. When you create a channel on YouTube, it automatically assigns the channel a random gibberish URL which has a random set of characters. In the options that come up, select the one that is represented by a gear icon. By default, YouTube assigns your channel an ugly, random, and completely unmemorable URL. Set up a custom URL for your channel If you’re eligible for a custom URL, you’ll see a notice in your advanced account settings , get an email notification, and may see a notification in your Creator Studio dashboard. From there, you get to select the specific video resolution that you want to use. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Manage Your YouTube Account’. You can also check out our How to Name Your Business blog post. Even though you might have the nerve to remember it but you cannot expect the same from others. You can use the shorten URL for Twitter, e-mail and blog. If you want to add a few characters then select option “and a suffix of your choosing” Note: Keep in mind that the custom URL will be linked to both your YouTube channel and your Google+ identity. This short and sweet post is simply to show you where and how to create a custom YouTube channel URL.To get a custom URL for your channel, your account needs to meet these requirements: 1. Confirm your choice. 2: On the top right corner, click on your logo and select Settings from the list. In general, a YouTube channel may only have one (1) custom URL and custom URLs cannot be transferred or assigned to anyone. You will not be able to change the part in the gray box. Follow these steps to get a custom URL for your YouTube channel: 1. In the channel section of the settings page, click ‘Advanced Settings’. How to copy all video URLS from a youtube channel? The first time you customize your channel URL, YouTube will give you a list of approved choices. How to change the YouTube Channel Name? Change your YouTube channel URL twice If you want to change your YouTube channel URL again, you can do so by following the same process. Click on “Claim it here”. Now the numbers have dropped to 100. Have an uploaded photo as chan… Step 2: Click on your profile icon on top right and click on the YouTube settings icon (that looks like a gear). Click on your channel icon or profile picture at the right most corner of the screen Click on “your channel” You will be redirected to your channel page Why You have successfully changed the custom URL of your YouTube channel. - I describe how I find my Youtube URL address that was previously created. Copy this … Be at least 30 days old 3. In fact, a notification will appear that states you are eligible for custom URL. Therefore, if your account still doesn’t have a custom URL then you can get one now. Link Metrics You Get Using Bitly. At last, a new page will appear with the option to set a custom URL for your channel. Have 100 or more subscribers 2. (URL, short for U niform R esource L ocator, is a fancy name for a web address.) 5 Tips to Find a Great YouTube Channel Name. Looks like Google is really going full steam ahead with its shortened URLs. Easy Ways to Change YouTube Channel Name & URL. 1: Open YouTube and login with the email you wish to change the Username. Bitly's url and link shortener helps you with industry-leading features like custom domains, branded link and link redirects. YouTube is the go-to website for video sharing.Use a YouTube URL shortener when commenting on other videos to track your links.Or, if you're a video creator, use a YouTube URL shortener to create short URLs to be featured in the description of your own videos and make messages more impactful. Every eligible YouTube channel is switching towards custom URL because of the numerous benefits it provides. Step 3: You will be in the overview section of your Account Settings page for YouTube Channel. whatever capitalization and accent you use, it will redirect to the same page. Next, in the right side of the screen, click on your photo icon and and then click on Gear (Settings) icon that will make you modify the YouTube settings. This is the link of your channel. You’d do well to replace this ugly URL with one that supports your branding and helps viewers remember your channel. Step 1: Log into your YouTube account. From the left Menu, select Customization Basic info. For many years YouTube didn’t let channels make changes once they selected a custom URL. However, in order to make the URL unique to your channel you may need to add a few extra letters or numbers. for getting answers of above question must watch video. Once the account page appears, click ‘Advanced Settings’ in the left navigation menu. Your YouTube Channel is your personal area on your YouTube account where all your uploaded and favorite videos are kept for views from your YouTube friends and subscribers. We kunnen bijvoorbeeld een gepersonaliseerde URL die aan een verwijderd YouTube-account was gekoppeld, opnieuw claimen. Get a custom URL to make it easy for fans to remember, type and share your YouTube channel with their networks. YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California.The service, created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—was bought by Google in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion and now operates as one of the company's subsidiaries.YouTube is the second most-visited website after Google Search, … As creating new channel again require lots of efforts and you lose all your Subscribers and audience. Earlier YouTube required creators to have at least 500 subscribers to get a custom URL. 3. That wasn’t always the case, however. To stick with the above example, the YouTube URL should look like this (without the query parameter): The shortener will only work with YouTube videos, giving it … And give any name to your channel. A pop-up will appear holding the new URL for your channel. is a free YouTube short URL service. Login to your YouTube channel; Go to YouTube Account settings; Click View Additional Features; Scroll down, and you will see Custom URL Option; 6. Find your channel URL. Copy your channel link. Go to your advanced account settings. If you want to manually shorten a YouTube video's link, replace the replace the part of the URL of a video with Now that you know how to create links in Bitly, let’s take a look at … This is the official method to get YouTube custom channel URL. Make sure to include all characters when you share this URL, otherwise your channel won’t show up properly.

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